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Captain Zane

​After being named “Party Captain of the Year” by Mega Yacht Magazine 5 years in a row, the captain was asked to leave his position at a certain cruise line for being a little too accommodating to the passengers. He then took his nautical know-how, and his penchant for partying, and led the greatest band these docks have ever seen.

Jib Jab Jan

Starting out young on a casino river cruise, Jib Jab worked her way up to become the most entertaining lady-yachter there ever was. Voted “Steam-Pipes of Gold” for 5 years running by River Cruise Reviews, she gave up the risky river business and joined the Captain to make it happen.

Gangplank Gemmill

Having survived more trips down the gangplank than the entire English Fleet, Gemmill knows how to spank the plank, while ticklin those ivories. Voted “Stiffest Board” by Gangplank Gazette 5 years solid, Gangplank turned down the glitzy lifestyle of constantly being captured to play melodies that instead capture audiences.

Poopdeck Pappy

Once the captain of the largest fishing vessel on the Atlantic, a series of unfortunate turns led Poopdeck Pappy to the lowest of lows. Not being content to swab the decks for life, Pappy grabbed a guitar and took a journey into the unknown. Voted “Fastest Swabber” by PoopDeck Periodical 5 years back to back, his screaming leads and menacing goatee commands attention throughout the docks

Flotsam Phillips

Found washed ashore on the beaches of Coastal Virginia, Flotsam Phillips was clutching the driftwood that saved his life. Unable to let it go, the Captain strapped some string to it, and a bass playing legend was born. Voted "Hardest Barnacle" by Driftwood Daily, and rocking hair that would make a viking jealous, Flotsam Phillips lays down the low end and keeps the morale high. Just don't mention the movie Castaway. He's sensitive.

Deckhand Dave

Years of intense manual labor tending the sails of a storm-going vessels has given DeckHand Dave the strength to power out the beats that are the backbone of this ship. Voted “Saltiest Shipswain” by On Deck Articles for the past 5 years, DeckHand gave up his mundane life on deck to pursue a mundane life as the Captains personal cabin boy.

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